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Rotary R.E.B. Union

(Sizes 1-1/2" to 6")





Maintenance and Overhaul


• Remove nuts (13) and washers which allows for the removal of adaptor (4).

• Remove bellows subassembly and gasket of seal kit (5).

• Remove locking screw (7) and unscrew locking ring (14 - RH Thread) and extract spindle (15) complete with ball bearings, etc.

• Remove locking screws from the rubbing ring of seal kit (5), unscrew the rubbing ring (RH or LH thread) and remove gasket.

• Thoroughly clean the ball bearing kit (11), check the condition of the bearings and re-grease. If there is any doubt about the condition, replace the bearing kit and pre-pack with an approved grease.

• To replace the bearing kit (11), remove locking screws (8), bearing locking ring (9 - RH or LH Thread) and Nilos ring (10). Press off the bearing kit.

• If the adaptor (4) is Type R.S., remove locking screw (3), unscrew locking ring (1 - RH Thread) and remove C/T bearing (2).

• Replace seal kit (5), bearing kit (11) and if type RS, C/T bearing (2). Handle seal kits with care to avoid damaging the precision lapped seal faces.
9) Thoroughly clean all parts before reassembly (which is virtually the reverse of the above steps).

• After reassembly, follow the recommended installation procedures and allow for a suitable run-in period to ensure the seals are working correctly before refitting to the machine.


* Note: For the 125 (5”) and 150 (6”) models, there is a screwed
adjusting ring on the flanged end of the body which is locked
with a screw and can be adjusted to give 6mm compression on
the bellows subassembly if necessary.




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