CNC Manufacturing & Nuraseal’s State of Art CNC Machinery


The dynamic world we live in demands more and more from the manufacturing industry, and the rapid demands of the modern manufacturing industry can’t be met without CNC Machines. 

CNC, short for Computerized Numerical Control, is a computerized manufacturing process in which the manufacturing machine functions on commands stored in computer software. CNC can be used to control a range of complex manufacturing machinery, which include: drills, grinders, turning mills, 3D printers etc. Controlling these machines with CNC makes it easy to precisely cut, shape and create different parts and prototypes, eliminating chances of human errors occurring while the actual manufacturing process. CNC Mechanists integrate a range of data, including technical drawing, maths and computer programming skills in order to operate CNC correctly and produce a range of metal and plastic parts required by the manufacturing industry. And with the development of 3D printers, the possibilities of manufacturing are endless. A simple sheet of metal can be turned into a small component like a zipper or as big as airplane components. 

With CNC, one can control many manufacturing aspects like:

  • Feed Rate
  • Speed
  • Location 
  • Coordination

Nuraseal CNC Seals

Nuraseal offers the capability of designing and manufacturing fully computer-designed Quick Seals for a wide range of profiles and diameters starting from 1/4″ (6 mm).

  • Our Seals are produced with state-of-the-art rapid production CNC Machinery
  • Designing and manufacturing fully computer-designed Quick Seals
  • Seal designs can be modified to your specific application need
  • Not only this, our team can work with you to create the right components for your specific application that will meet and exceed your expectations, including providing technical drawings and expertise

Our existing range of CNC-produced Seals includes Piston Seals, Rod Seals, Wipers, Teflon® Seals, etc. Browse the complete range.

The Benefits of Nuraseal’s CNC Machined Components

CNC Machines Automated Process offers many benefits, which include: 

  • The computer-aided manufacturing results in consistency, and every component created is of the same quality. 
  • The computer works much faster, and therefore it results in greatly improving production speeds and efficiency.
  • CNC Machines save a lot of cost in the manufacturing process since one machine operator can control several CNC Machines, and its accuracy results in eliminating faulty manufactured components. Thus, saving time and raw material. 
  • Since CNC eliminates the need for manual manufacturing labour, it eliminates the chances of accidents causing harm to the labour. 

To learn more, get in touch with Nuraseal today and find out how we can support your manufacturing application need.

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