Custom part and tooling design

The Nuraseal engineering team fully utilizes 3D Digital Manufacturing techniques in the development & production of our custom seals; from computer aided design of the seal solutions, through to the digital CNC manufacturing of seals.  Our capabilities include in-house tooling design & tooling production, as well as reverse engineering, and materials & application expertise.  Optical 3-Axis measuring equipment allows us to generate accurate part measuring and part inspection reports for quality control requirements.


In-House Tooling

Our computer-aided design system means faster manufacturing, production and turnaround times.  In-house tooling decreases pre-production lead times and helps manage overall tooling costs.  It also facilitates making adjustments on-the-fly to ensure that tolerances are met and quality is guaranteed. Our expertise and experience allows Nuraseal to spend more time making your products, and less time waiting for tooling.


Special and Custom Designs

An unlimited range of special and custom profiles manufactured exactly according to specifications in a wide range of standard and custom materials. We provide drawings, technical expertise and we manufacture samples and working prototypes within five days or less.


Application Support

Whether you require technical support, drawings or just some general information about seals and sealing materials, we will be able to help you with your questions. We offer flexible, fast and convenient solutions for sealing applications.


Optical Part Inspection

Optical 3-Axis measuring and inspection of parts, generating graphical representations of measured parts and detailed reports.

Loading of iron ore on very big dump-body truck

Industries & Applications

Nuraseal designs and custom manufactures products for a wide array of industries and unique applications.

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