Our ability to customize combined with our in-house tooling makes Nuraseal an excellent choice for prototype work.  We are able to work with you to design a mould, fine tune it according to your needs, and produce a product that will meet your expectations within a reasonable amount of time and for an economical cost.


In-House Tooling

Our computer-aided design system means faster manufacturing, production and turnaround times.  In-house tooling decreases pre-production lead times and helps manage overall tooling costs.  It also facilitates making adjustments on-the-fly to ensure that tolerances are met and quality is guaranteed. Our expertise and experience allows Nuraseal to spend more time making your products, and less time waiting for tooling.


CNC Prototyping Equipment

Our in-house CNC equipment (lathes and mills) allow us to work closely with our customers in developing the prototype tooling for their designs. Adjustments and changes can be quickly executed as the design is fine tuned, meaning shorter prototyping lead times and a faster path to production. 

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