Chemical Compatibility of Polyurethane

This compatibility chart is intended as a quick reference guide. We recommend testing under actual conditions to ensure compatibility. The ratings apply to tests in which samples were immersed for approximately seven days at 75°C and is determined by the volume change according to the following scale: Excellent (0-3% change), Good (4-15%), Fair (16-35%), Poor (36% and up).At Nuraseal, we utilize two main categories of elastomeric materials: liquid-cast thermoset ployurethane and injection-moulded thermoplastic polyurethane. Depending on your particular requirements, other materials are also available. Please contact us for details.

Fluid Rating
Acetic Acid Good-Fair
Aluminum Chloride Good
Aluminum Sulphide Good
Ammonia Good
Ammonium Hydroxide Excellent-Good
Ammonium Sulphate Good
Amyl Alcohol Fair
ASTM Oil No.1 Excellent-Good
ASTM Oil No.2 Good
ASTM Oil No.3 Good
ASTM Reference Fuel A Excellent
ASTM Reference Fuel B Good
Atlantic Oil Excellent
Barium Hydroxide Excellent
Benzene (Gasoline, Aromatic) Good-Fair
Boric Acid Excellent
Bromine Good-Fair
Bunker Oil Excellent-Good
Butane Excellent
Calcium Choride Excellent
Calcium Hydroxide Excellent
Carbon Dioxide Excellent
Carbon Monoxide Excellent
Carbon Tetrachloride Fair
Castor Oil Excellent-Good
Chlorine Good-Fair
Citric Acid Good
Cottonseed Oil Excellent
Cyclohexane Good
Diester Oil Good
DTE Oil (Heavy, Med.) Good
Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol) Fair
Ethyl Chloride Fair
Ethylene Glycol Fair
Ferric Chloride Good
Formaldehyde Fair
Freon, 12 or 113 Excellent
Fuel Oil Good
Gasoline Good
Glycerine (Glycerol) Excellent
Greases Excellent-Good
Fluid Rating
Hexane Excellent
Hydraulic Oils Excellent
Hydrochloric Acid 20% Good
Hydrogen Excellent-Good
Hydrogen Peroxide Good
Isooctane Good
Isopropyl Alcohol Good-Fair
Isopropyl Ether Good
Kerosene Good
Lactic Acid Good
Linseed Oil Good
Lubricating Oil Good
Magnesium Hydroxide Excellent
Magnesium Salts Good
Mercury Excellent-Good
Mil-D-5606 Oil Fair
Mil-L-7808 Excellent-Good
Mineral Oil Excellent
Napthalene Good
Natural Gas Good
Oleic Acid Excellent-Good
Palmitic Acid Excellent
Petroleum Excellent-Good
Phosphoric Acid Dil. Good-Fair
Phosphoric Acid Conc. Fair
Potassium Salts Good
SAE #10 Oil Excellent
Soap Good-Fair
Sodium Dichromate Good
Sodium Hydroxide 45% Good
Sperry Oil Good
Sulphur Dioxide Good
Tannic Acid 10% Excellent
Tartaric Acid Excellent
Transformer Oil Good-Fair
Triethanol Amine Good
Trisodium Phosphate Good
Turpentine Fair
Water Good
Xylene Fair
Zinc Chloride Good

Depending on your particular requirements, other materials are also available. Please contact us for details.

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