3-1/2″ CBN/RS UNION Right

Type R.S. – Double Flow (Rotary Center Tube)
Fitted with an adapter suitable for a rotating center tube which must be located and driven by the machine. The center tube – provided only if ordered – rotates in a carbon bush. Flow can pass in through the center tube with the return through the annulus or be reversed. The center tube “sealing” system allows for a slight internal leakage between the supply and return lines. If these fluids must not mix, alternate designs are available.

The rotary C.B.N. union is a self-contained, self-supporting rotary seal for the leak-proof transfer of fluids such as steam, water, air and oil to and from rotating machine shafts. The type of rotary seal fitted to this model is a Filton® Bellows Seal containing a flexible stainless steel bellows which is self-adjusting, eliminating the maintenance common with conventional packed glands. Rotary sealing is created by relative rotation between extremely flat sealing faces held in contact by the spring characteristics of the bellows combined with an additional sealing force created by the pressure of the fluid passing through the rotary union. The bearings fitted to the union are separate carbon thrust and journal bearings in which a hard chromed and ground spindle rotates.

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