Rotary Unions, Swivel Joints, Air Breather Filters, Flexible Hoses


1. Body, plated steel
2. Bellows subassembly
3. Gaskets
4. Seal ring subassembly
5. Locking screw, h.t. steel
6. Spacer
7. Circlip, spring steel
8. Ball bearings
9. ‘O’ ring, nitrile rubber
10. Spindle, steel
11. Locking ring, steel

Note: (*) Rotates with the shaft.

The rotary I.N.T. union is intended for limited space applications between the roll end and the machine frame. The terminus of the roll is bored out to accept this self-contained union and the rotary parts are held in place by a clamping ring which is part of the roll end design. The services must be connected with flexible hose. The rotary seal fitted to this model is a Filton® Bellows Seal identical to the seals fitted in the rotary R.E. union. An alternative mechanical seal is also available for higher pressures and speeds. The I.N.T. union is available in nominal sizes including 8(1/4”), 10(3/8”), 15(1/2”), 20(3/4”) and 25(1”) with two variations including a single flow Type B.E. and a double flow stationary tube Type S.T.

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