Rotary Unions, Swivel Joints, Air Breather Filters, Flexible Hoses



1. Body
2. Mechanical seal assembly
3. Ball bearings (life lubricated)
4. Rotary Spindle

Note: (*) Rotates with the shaft.

The rotary L.C. union is intended for light duty applications where low pressures, low temperatures, modest speeds and occasional use is encountered. The simple design using the minimum amount of parts makes this union especially useful where there are space limitations (such as where two rotary shafts are close together) or where there is limited space between the shaft end and the machine frame. The L.C. union is intended mainly for onetime use, although repair is possible. (For continuous use and easy repair, we recommend switching instead to the Rotary R.E. or P.B. Models). The L.C. union is available in nominal sizes including 8(1/4”), 10(3/8”), 15(1/2”) and 20(3/4”) with two variations including a single flow Type B.E. and a double flow Type S.T.

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