Rotary Unions, Swivel Joints, Air Breather Filters, Flexible Hoses



1. Body
2. Mechanical seal assembly
3. Seal face lubricator
4. Oil reservoir
5. Ball bearings (life lubricated)
6. Rotary spindle

Note: (*) Rotates with the shaft.

The rotary P.N. union has the same basic design as the L.C. union but also incorporates an oil lubrication reservoir for seal face lubrication. This type of union is intended primarily for use on pneumatic applications when the compressed air is dry, although even when lubricated air systems are in use, the P.N. union offers advantages over the L.C. union for certain applications. For example, if speeds are high or occasional pneumatic cycles are the norm, it is possible that very little lubricant reaches the seal faces and may be quickly dissipated by the seal face temperatures created by the natural friction. The oil reservoir of the P.N. union adds protection in these types of conditions. The P.N. union is available in nominal sizes including 8(1/4”), 10(3/8”), 15(1/2”) and 20(3/4”). Type B.E. is generally the only model offered since pneumatic applications are usually single flow, but Type S.T. can be supplied if you require double flow.

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